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The Gimmicky Mimicky Module update!

Now that it's the new year it's time to try out some big changes for the game. 3 of the 4 characters are in, all the areas are present so lets narrow down on the fun. The first step of this is to increase the passive abilities you can have by 1. 2 felt very restrictive for your build, that you'd get a good pair but then a third could make things even better. Or even a third to expand what you could do. Hopefully a third Module solves these issues and will make the experience more fun, even if it does make it easier.

For this update there's also 24 new Modules to play with with new, unique abilities. Some have been removed but the total is now 67 which is a quite a healthy number.

However there was an issue that you only found 3 Modules in chests and 1 from each shop meaning you'd find less than 14 per run. I've taken the decision to move Modules as a reward from battles and put the Battlechips into the chests instead. Assuming you fight all the enemies, you can find 23 Modules per run!

There's 5 new events on top of that with new outcomes just for them. These events can appear in any of the 3 areas so keep an eye out for them when you're building powerful new combinations, Agents.


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