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Fuzz Force: Spook Squad combines Dice and Deckbuilding in an approachable Roguelite adventure!
Join the Finn, Dotty, Lix and Mecha Peppa on their mission to capture the Polter Prince. Find dice instead of cards to create loadouts perfect for battling spooks. Create combos between the status effects on your dice and the modules you find which impart passive abilities.
Explore a board game world, choosing your path from tile to tile. Find shops to buy new dice or upgrade your existing equipment. Stumble over story events and use your wits or dice-power to overcome them. Battle all the ghosts you can roll a dice at or race straight for the exit, it's up to you, Agent.
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You'll unlock Vampire Finn as a playable character. He can't use potions but his Vampiric Crossbow steals the health from his enemies!
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