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Back to School with the fancy new backpack!

The most common bit of feedback Spook Squad has gotten since the beginning was for a way to hold onto your dice, chips and modules if you don't take them there and then.

It's a bit of a roguelite staple to have to make the decision to use it or lose it but the aim is create a forgiving experience. Nobody really enjoys holding out for an item that never comes and then it's too late as you've got a loadout that doesn't work well together.

So now everybody gets a standard issue backpack which will hold all the dice, chips and modules until your use the stairs to the next floor. Any item which you don't equip, or one which is replaced by a new item, will slip into the backpack for you to bring out at any time. Now you can find all the items on a floor, find the stairs and then see what sort of synergies you can make with all your loot.

Have fun with your backpack!


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