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Lix is ready to Rock and Roll in the Attic!

This update has brought in a huge chunk of new content the highlights of which are the third playable character: Lix the Lizard and the third area: The Attic.

Lix the Lizard is very musically obsessed and isn't bothered in the slightest by the ghosts and ghoulies in the tower. Is he fearless or just entirely oblivious? Using his dice-powered guitar, Lix fires damaging musical notes at his enemies but his real specialty is in defence. His Lizard Power damages enemies if he's attacked with a Shield active. They'll take half his current Shield value as damage, he can win without attacking once! However his HP is the lowest, so be careful.

The Attic is the most dangerous area and is where you'll finally find the PolterPr---wait, he's on holiday for a few more months. His lackey, Ghost George, will be standing in in the interim. However he knows exactly how the PolterPrince fights, so treat the fight like the real thing. Before Ghost George you'll be faced with new events, stronger dice and chips and a troupe of new ghosts.

The bat finally returns, alongside the Gargoyle who blocks your Lucky Turns. The Jackobox is a more defensive cousin of the forest Jacko and the Sword and Shield pair, who boast high damage and defence.


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