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The Spook Squad comes to Early Access!

I've hit that button and made Spook Squad a released Steam Early Access game. It's very exciting as I haven't done something like this before. Through EA I hope to get feedback from players before the full release to improve the game, of which they can talk to me through the Steam Community Hub, through in game bug reports or my fresh new Discord server.

I'm looking forward to working together with everyone and get some fun new suggestions and things I'd not even considered before. Hopefully we can find the majority of the bugs and even improve the balance as we go.

But you want to know what is in the Steam Early Access version of the game? The second area: The Halls! Set inside the hotel part of the Tower, you can explore the corridors and do battle with the ghosts trying to have a relaxing vacation. How dare they take a holiday?!

In addition to a whole new area, Ferrlicity has appeared in the levels and will upgrade your dice for a fee. This will change the values on each dice and make them stronger. 3 new kinds of battlechips have been added, Vital which boosts your rolled dice value by 1 when above 50% HP. Danger which boosts the rolled value by 3 when below 50%HP and Crush which instantly removes an enemy's shield leaving them defenceless.


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