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Dogs and Chips in the new Demo

I've been working the whole time to improve the demo by taking on feedback.

The newest and most important change is being able to play as Dotty the Dog! The second member of the Spook Squad sports her dice-powered sword and a focus on offense. Her Dog Power allows her to roll Charge dice when repeatedly attacking to maintain the offensive. Who needs defence anyway?

The second biggest feature is the BattleChip system. Upon winning a fight you'll be offered to take a BattleChip which can be attached to a dice and confer a series of bonuses to it. Find a Poison 3 Chip and 3 of the dice faces will apply poison to your opponent! What combinations will you make?

The demo on has many new usability updates and features new enemies who will be in the Forest in the full game: The evasive Hornet and the sturdy Fuzztrap. It also features all new Modules to improve the effects of the new BattleChips. Give it a go and see what builds you can come up with


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